Barcelona's Hawkers store

Spanish eyewear brand Hawkers has expanded its retail footprint by inaugurating its second optic store in the vibrant city of Barcelona. The new optics store, strategically located within the bustling Diagonal Mar shopping center, aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience.

A Growing Presence: Hawkers, founded in 2013, has rapidly become a global player in the eyewear industry. Under the visionary leadership of entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt, the company has consistently pushed boundaries and disrupted traditional retail models. With its successful online platform and a network of proprietary retail outlets, Hawkers has captured the attention of fashion-forward consumers worldwide.

The Diagonal Mar Store: The newly opened optics store at Diagonal Mar is a testament to Hawkers’ commitment to quality, style, and innovation. Here are the key details:

  1. Location: Situated within the Diagonal Mar shopping center, the store benefits from high foot traffic and a prime position in one of Barcelona’s most popular retail destinations.
  2. Design Aesthetics: The store’s interior reflects Hawkers’ modern and minimalist design ethos. Clean lines, sleek displays, and ample natural light create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers.
  3. Product Range: Customers can explore an extensive collection of sunglasses, optical frames, and accessories. From classic aviators to trendy oversized frames, Hawkers offers something for every style preference.
  4. Personalized Service: Trained staff provide personalized assistance, helping customers find the perfect pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses. Whether it’s sun protection, style, or functionality, Hawkers aims to meet every customer’s needs.

Hawkers’ Vision: The company’s growth trajectory is impressive:

  • Global Expansion: Hawkers plans to open twenty optics stores and fifteen sunglasses boutiques across Spain and Portugal by 2024. Their strategic approach includes both physical stores and a robust online presence.
  • Online Success: Over 44% of sales come from the online platform, which serves customers in more than fifty countries. Hawkers’ user-friendly website and seamless shopping experience have contributed to this achievement.
  • Financial Performance: With €55 million in sales for 2023 (a 17% increase from the previous year), Hawkers is poised for further growth. The company aims to reach €100 million in revenue between 2026 and 2027.
  • Diversification: Beyond sunglasses, Hawkers’ parent company, Saldum Ventures, oversees other brands such as Miss Hamptons, Northweek, and Wolfnoir. This diversification strategy ensures resilience and adaptability in a competitive market.


Hawkers continues to redefine eyewear fashion, and the Diagonal Mar store is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Visit the store, explore the latest trends, and join the sunglasses revolution! 🕶️🌟

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