Tienda Hawkers

Hawkers, the Spanish eyewear company founded in 2013, has set an ambitious goal of reaching 100 million euros in revenue by 2026, doubling its current figure. The company, which is controlled by Venezuelan businessman Alejandro Betancourt, plans to open 75 new stores worldwide, focusing mainly on Mexico and Spain.

The company closed 2023 with a 17% increase in sales, reaching 55 million euros. It expects to grow another 20% in 2024, driven by its online and wholesale channels, which account for 44% and 22% of its total sales, respectively. The remaining 34% comes from its 70 own stores, located mostly in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Hawkers will invest 20 million euros in 2024, financed with its own capital, to support its growth strategy. The company has five main pillars: international expansion, retail development, product innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

Hawkers opened its first franchise store in Mexico in December 2023, a model that it intends to replicate for its future openings. The company also aims to diversify its product portfolio, adding more categories such as watches, jewelry and accessories. Moreover, Hawkers is committed to reducing its environmental impact and improving its social responsibility.

Hawkers was born as a digital-native start up that disrupted the eyewear market with its low-cost and trendy sunglasses. The company attracted investors and media attention, but also faced challenges and changes in its management team. Now, Hawkers is entering a new phase of consolidation and growth, with a professional structure and a clear vision for the future.

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