Sunglasses, youth, fashion, solidarity, social networks, e-Commerce, scientific advancement, globality. This is how Hawkers combines a series of values and elements associated with the brand to fulfill its mission of defender and promoter of social causes while advancing its strategy of expansion and consolidation of their business model.

Fuck leukemia

On this occasion, Hawkers is committed to a new social cause of global reach , launching a limited quantity of low-cost sunglasses for adults and with these resources supporting research against childhood leukemia .

“Fuck Leukemia” is the name of this campaign undertaken together with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation to promote the sale of a model of glasses designed by the 11-year-old graffiti artist, Julione Tapas , a flesh and blood hero who is currently fighting against this disease and has become the emotional link between the general public and the cause through social networks where he exhibits a brave and carefree attitude as a role model.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), childhood leukemia is a disease that currently represents almost a third of all cancer cases in children around the world and the second cause of childhood death in a country like Mexico , where every four hours a child dies from cancer, according to the Support Center for Children with Cancer AC

At Hawkers we feel satisfied and hopeful that contributions like ours can help eradicate this scourge, just as we did at the time with the protection of animals or more recently, with the call to become aware of the need to show solidarity around vulnerable childhood .

Our gratitude to the Unoentrecienmil Foundation for agreeing to this alliance not only with the brand, but with millions of beings around the world who, through us, react and proceed to contribute by wearing an accessory that will undoubtedly make history.