I can affirm without doubt that executing the right digital marketing strategies is one of the most effective ways for adding value to any company, brand, product or service for consumers.

Digital marketing strategies

If we understand value in this case to be the qualities that are attributed to the object by an individual or a social group, modifying, based on that attribution, their behavior and attitudes towards the object in question, then we have that marketing is that factor that achieves to give additional meaning to that object based on an audience that feels attracted, understood in their needs and aspirations, and that also finds satisfaction in belonging to and sharing that experience.

Digital marketing is based on market research, 2.0 communication and advertising and sales techniques to identify the consumer’s tastes and preferences and thereby create a tailored plan that includes the qualities that are of value to that object and that must substantially differentiate it from the competition.

In this digital strategy, content marketing plays a fundamental role in connecting with our audience. Since in addition to highlighting its qualities, it must also offer useful, timely, current and entertaining content associated with what we offer.
Nowadays, consumers demand more and more, which is why they welcome brands committed to social causes and with values ​​related to their vision of the world.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that value is the relationship that exists between what the customer gives to obtain and maintain a product and what they receive from it. And consumers are willing to pay more for that plus with which they identify and makes them feel closer to their aspirations.



Hawkers is a successful and emblematic example of how value can be created from a careful digital marketing strategy that until now has been responsible for 90% of sales and with which it is expected to invoice around 300 million euros for this anus .

Since its beginnings, the sunglasses brand that is sold worldwide through the Internet, designed a digital marketing strategy taking into account its powerful and prestigious competition, the enormous possibilities that digital marketing offered and the e -Commerce , as well as the existence of a young audience that, regardless of their location or social class, spent part of their time on social networks and who shared the same desires to look and feel good using accessories that were not offered by large companies. brands.

Hawkers decided to create value for the brand above the product, giving it the personality that its users have or would like to have, and as a long-term investment that allows them to position other products and services with it, transcending over time beyond sunglasses. This is how it is stated that Hawkers are not glasses, but an attitude .

To do this, they associated the brand with the image of famous people who are well accepted by their key audience. A prestigious transfer that in its initial stage had the driver Jorge Lorenzo and more recently with figures such as Leo Messi  and Paula Echevarría .

This also gave rise to alliances with brands and products such as Play Station , Kit Kat and Ford-Ka , whose promotions and interaction with followers achieved excellent results and benefits for everyone.

Another strategy was to reinvest part of their profits in Facebook Ads with great segmentation power that brought them incredible results, even for the same social network.

But one of the most relevant has been the daily, enthusiastic, creative and nutritious interaction with its audience through social networks, constantly transmitting its advantages of innovation, accessibility, speed, optimism, courage and dynamism among many others.

In recent years, Hawkers has assumed a social commitment to global social causes that reinforce this brand value with solidarity, such as the defense of animals, water for Africa or the contribution to research into childhood leukemia. , always in the Hawkers style.

So creating value is one of the fundamental functions of digital marketing . To do this, it uses a certain number of strategies whose combination responds to the specific objectives we want to achieve. We will discuss the study of these strategies later.

Alejandro Betancourt