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Derwick’s CEO, Alejandro Betancourt López, has confirmed in an interview that has been published in the Spanish newspaper ABC, that the functioning of Derwick’s Technological Turbine Centre is an “innovative move” which aspires to “position Venezuela as a primary supplier of technology in Latin America”.

In the interview he states that the aim of this high-tech project is that thermoelectric turbines from any part of the region in need of repair “be sent to our workshop rather than Germany or USA. If you’re from Mercosur or Alba, visiting the CTT will be more efficient and cost-effective.”

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The Spanish newspaper ABC published an interview with Alejandro Betancourt at the start of the year, in which he revealed some of the key factors of Derwick’s activity, in particular the launch in 2014 of the Technological Turbine Centre (CTT). The CTT is Derwick’s latest project and will allow it to provide technical assistance with thermoelectric plants from Venezuela and the region at large, lowering costs for customers as they will no longer need to send plants overseas.

In addition, this will allow for the latest technology and innovations to be implemented both locally and regionally.

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Derwick Associates’ CEO, Alejandro Betancourt, has recently visited Spain to study the European country’s electrical technology with a view to move to Venezuela Spain’s latest innovations in the energy sector. The CEO hopes to strengthen the Venezuelan technology sector and export this technology to Ecuador, Columbia and, most importantly, Brazil.

The company’s work continues successfully in Venezuela, where it has finalized the construction of eleven thermoelectric plants, some of which are part of the “Caracas electrical ring”, which allows for electrical power generation in less than an hour in case of a blackout, as was shown in December 2013.

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The Venezuelan firm, directed by Alejandro Betancourt, has demonstrated its potential to position Venezuela at the forefront of the Latin American energy sector.  Notwithstanding the criticisms, it has shown itself to be able to reach its goals thanks to its employee base consisting of experienced and qualified technicians.

In the last few years it has increased the country’s energy potential by 1,216 megawatts thanks to the construction of eleven thermoelectric power plants. In the coming months, it is expected to launch its latest project in Venezuela: the Technological Turbine Centre, in which it has invested $40m, the region’s largest centre of its kind and one of the 10 largest globally.

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Alejandro Betancourt, CEO of Derwick, has announced plans for his company to develop an international expansion strategy in other countries on the continent — Ecuador, Colombia or Chile — as well as Spain, a country that he has recently visited and where he met the president of UNESA, the firm that brings together all of Spain’s electrical companies.

This ambitious international expansion comes after the experience gained in Venezuela, where Derwick has built eleven thermoelectric plants, some of which form the “Caracas electrical ring” and thus provide the country with energy in case of blackout. In addition, the firm continues its focus on innovation with the construction of the Technological Turbine Centre, in which he has invested $40m.

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