What Venezuela and the world witnessed last Sunday June 11, was a sports show which is the consequence of the effort and talent of a group of people who, believing in their capabilities, earned the respect of the world of soccer. A sub championship which looks like a real championship, a defeat that, even though it was painful, set strong basis for the beginning of a cycle which starts setting foot in history that, if it continues being managed this way, it will be able to write full chapters full of emotions and success.

Among all articles I read, getting to know the advance of the Vinotinto Sub-20 in the U20 World Cup in South Korea, I cannot forget a description which said something like: “Venezuela plays, it likes itself, scores goals and has fun. But it is also good at defending and it grows when it is cornered by the game”. In this sentence some management basic concepts are reflected, which I believe were the pillars of the achievements of this team, such as their work capacity, the confidence in the strategy applied; their efficiency and commitment, besides showing being strong in hard times.

The work capability of this team was clear when they played games which went to extra time, and until they were decided with the so called penalties, when the players showed their resistance and strength not to fall until getting victory. Their confidence in the strategy and among the players was clearly seen because they never played differently, the players made a very devoted tactic job and that “soccer without the ball”, which is not understood by everybody, made these main characters glow with labor work, dedicated and concentrated in their task. The effectiveness got by this team was the awards as goals to what was already said, but with a lot of ability to finish, as well as to defend and to calm down the situation in hard times.

Comparing the team with a corporation, this company was totally and completely synchronized in all their divisions, departments or management; nobody avoided their responsibilities and all enjoyed with the same level of commitment and leading role.

It is obvious that we would not be talking about a successful formula if we did not refer to the leadership got by this group of big competitors, talented Venezuelan teenagers who were prepared for this championship. In fact, some analysts agree to place “the preparation” of this team as their big secret. This team gained knowledge with major leagues in international scenarios in order to have a background which gave them maturity to face the challenges of this World Cup, with the experience acquired of one who has survived and won thousands of battles.

The journey of this Vinotinto Sub-20 to be prepared for this world championship was never so organized, planned, intense and accurate, that is why the players reached such a high level. In fact, those who were still in pain due to previous lesions, as Soteldo, a number 10 whose physical capacity was half percent in Korea, showed all the bright in their performances.

I want to insist on the leadership because it was clearly seen full of experience, patience and group management. It was never taken for granted when victories were too obvious and warned when it was necessary to give instructions for each penalty kicked in the most intense moments, this says a lot about the head coach Rafael Dudamel as one with a great personality and group managing, what was noted, for good, in the achievements of this team which represented a whole country

I want to end with a managerial principle: “if something works, don´t touch it".


Alejandro Betancourt